Budding scientist

As I tucked Lillian into bed, said: “You’re going to be a scientist.”  “Really? Maybe I’ll be a cleaner!” she said mischievously.

Earlier, when I arrived at the school to pick up her up, she was off by herself collecting little chunks of magnetite from the playground dirt, using a small magnet to identify them.

When we got home, I removed an unwanted new Indian Myna nest from our side shed. In it were three small blue eggs. Lillian proceeded blow them out, having searched online to find out how to do it.  (She was tearful for a little while after breaking the first one.)  She put the two remaining emptied eggs into a small padded box for protection.

After dinner, she figured out how to help Mummy learn a piano piece by systematically sticking little coloured tabs on the piano keys.


Then, before bed, we played advanced (i.e. above her year level) algebra games on the iPad.  She was impatient with the easy earlier exercises; she said “I want to get to the ones where you really have to think.”

She loves nature and learning and thinking.  Pity she thinks she doesn’t like school and maths in particular.




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