Can’t argue with that…

At dinner table.

Lillian: “What’s a white lie?”

Teresa: “Its a lie you tell so you don’t hurt somebody else’s feelings.”

Me: “For example, when people come to dinner they always say how delicious the food is.”

Lillian: “Maybe that’s because it is delicious.”

Me: “But even if they don’t think so, they’d still say it.  That’s why the only way to really know if they like the food is whether they come back for seconds.”

Lillian: “What if they’re full?  Then they wouldn’t come back for seconds even if was delicious.” She continues: “So that’s not a very good way of telling, is it?”

Me, with mock outrage: “Hang on a bit! I’m the epistemologist!”

Lillian: “PISS-temologist! PISS-temologist! PISS-temologist!”


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