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On the role of the brain

Bedtime reading has been The Wizard of Oz.  We talked about why the Scarecrow wants a brain.

“Because that’s what you think with and learn with and that’s where the knowledge is stored!”



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Alexandra’s writing book

Lillian likes making books at the moment.  Not just “writing” a book, i.e. producing the content, but designing and handcrafting the whole thing.

One of her friends at the moment is in Grade 1 and is only just learning to spell, so Lillian made her a writing book:

Inside are lots of words, one to a page.   The idea is for Alexandra to learn the words by tracing them out:

At the end there is a reward:

(The coloured patches are made with a highlighter that has scented inks.)

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Fun with words

I entered the kitchen to find Lillian in the middle of the floor crouched over a sheet of paper, busy with a highlighter.  The document was Survey of Research and Experimental Development, Businesses 2009-10 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

I asked “What are you highlighting?”

She looked up at me.  “I’m highlighting all the words I don’t know.”

She industriously worked her way through the whole sheet.

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