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New thought

Out of the blue: “Daddy, did you know that not all thoughts have been thought?”


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So much social cognition

“You’ve got to trust yourself!  Then you can do it!”

I was outside on the rear balcony.  I’d been “robbing the bees,” taking frames of honey out of the hive and storing them in a box so that on the weekend we can take the honey out.  Lillian was watching from the window, safe behind a flyscreen.  I was wanting to come back in the house, but was being menaced by about a half-dozen surly bees.

“Come on, trust yourself!” Lillian said again.

From outside the house and behind my veil, I asked: “Where did you learn about trusting yourself?”

“From Lau-Lau.  I was going on the monkey bars for the first time and she said to trust myself, so I trusted myself and then I could do it!”


Its time for piano practice.  She’s playing Grieg’s “Morning Mood”.  She suddenly turned to me and said “You know what?  This might be embarrassing to Mummy so don’t tell her I told you.  I told someone at school that my mum thinks that ice is magic.”

(Its true that Teresa recommends ice as a remedy for any ailment – bruise, sprain, bee-sting, temperature…)

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