A more-or-less typical walk home

I picked up Lillian from Biz-e-Kids at 6pm.  Despite having been there for about 9 hours, and the place closing up around her, she was deeply focused on completing her task, colouring in a cardboard cut-out figure.  She had to do it there, not at home, because “we don’t have *these* textas at home.”  Eventually we set off.   As usual she dances around in front of me hoping I’ll pick her up and carry her for a while, which of course succeeds.  After crossing Flemington Rd we’re in Parkville proper and of course have to stop to admire some tiny pink and purple flowers.   She picks some.  Soon after she’s humming Frere Jacques.   She doesn’t know that it can be sung as a round, so we try that for a while, but she finds it hard to keep to her phrases with me singing later phrases at the same time.  Oh well.  Now we’re at a crab-apple tree in heavy blossom, with straight branchlets looking like pink tubes.  She strips a branch of its blossoms and tosses them in the air.   With each movement of the branch little petals float down like snow, so we tug hard on branches to make showers of “blossom snow,” for a minute or two.  Then we’re walking again, but she’s skipping sideways along the gutter edge rather than just boring old walking like a normal person.  As we’re walking up Morrah St, she sees Teresa in the distance returning from the gym and waving.  “Mummy!” she cries, running about 50 yards up the street to give Mummy a hug.   We all arrive at the front gate at the same time.

I’m glad we don’t have to drive her back and forth to school.


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