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Daddy wrong about God

Lillian and I have an ongoing dialogue about God.  Basically she tries to convince the atheist/skeptic that God exists.  This usually happens at some point when we’re walking to school or back again.

She’s creative in her attempts, often coming up with her own versions of classic philosophical moves.

Strategy 1: First Cause argument.

If there’s no God, then who made trees?  Who made language?  Who made the world?

Strategy 2: Reductio ad Absurdam.

If you don’t believe in God, then you don’t believe in angels and you don’t believe in monsters and you don’t believe in ghosts and you don’t believe in people and you don’t believe in yourself!

Strategy 3: The Majority Must be Right

As she put it: Whatever the most people believe, that’s what is. And since a majority of people of her immediate acquaintance (well, in her immediate family) God exists and Daddy must be wrong.


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Lillian is incessantly drawing stuff.   Give her any old piece of paper and pen or pencil and she’ll whip up another artwork.   Endless variations on princesses, flowers, butterflies, people (mostly mummy, daddy and her), and “love hearts”.

(Click the pictures to enlarge)

“Happy Princess” – note the detail on the bee

Just some more flowers:

Some kind of decorative thingy:

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