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Tooth fairy visits

Lillian has had a loose tooth for weeks.  Today we tied some cotton around it and yanked.  It came out very easily.

She doesn’t believe in Father Xmas but does apparently believe in the tooth fairy.  So we planned to leave the tooth under the pillow that night.

Unfortunately she put the tooth down somewhere and couldn’t remember where.  What to do?

We wrote a note for the tooth fairy:

Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost my tooth in the house.  On the table or upstairs or in the kitchen.  Can you please find it.  Love Lillian. [drawing of tooth]

Because a normal-sized note would be far too big for a tooth fairy, we made it as small as we could – about the size of a postage stamp:

Lillian drew the picture of the tooth and the arrow so that the tooth fairy would notice the picture.

She woke up in the middle of the night and was thrilled to find two $1 coins.  Obviously the tooth fairy had read the note and found the tooth.

She continued to ponder how all this could happen.

“Daddy, how did the tooth fairy get the note from under the pillow?  Maybe she had a magic wand and waved it and the note came out.”  That seemed like a satisfying explanation.

Later: “Daddy, where does the tooth fairy get the money?”  She thought for a while.  “Maybe she picks up the money that other people lose.”  That seemed plausible.  After all if she can find little teeth under pillows or anywhere else, she can probably find lost money too.


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