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Cosmic wonder interrupted

We went to the Planetarium at Scienceworks to see “The Search for Life in the Universe.”  An amazing show – better than Imax.  And especially meaningful to Lillian because we have been looking at the night sky at the farm with the new telescope.  Twenty minutes in, Lillian announces “I have to go to the toilet!”  But this is almost impossible because we’re in the middle of a row, with people reclined all around us.  And we had been told that if you leave the room you can’t get back in.  So we ask Lillian to hold on.  But now that the need to pee is on her mind, she can hardly resist the urge.  She squirms and whinges and writhes and begs and pleads for about 15 minutes, then I give in and take her out, just as they turn to explain what you can see in the night sky in Victoria at this time of year… She did well to hold on for as long as she did, but I sternly told her that next time we have to make sure we go to the toilet before the show starts.  Even if you don’t feel like it.


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