Can ride bike now

On Monday she thought she’d like to try riding her own bicycle to school, without training wheels.  I pumped up the tyres and lowered the seat so her feet could comfortably touch the ground even when she’s sitting.  She got on and with a bit of help started rolling down Morrah St, on the footpath.  She found that if she held her legs out straight sideways, this helped her balance.  But she was still very wobbly.  But she started to get the hang of it, and rode, sort of, all the the way to school and back that afternoon. 
Today, Wednesday, she’s much more confident.  She enjoys riding around and around the school yard.
I find it interesting to how “multi-tasking” kids can be.  Having only just learned to balance on a bike, Lillian was riding, watching me and talking all at once.  Our brains take care of so much for us without any need for conscious attention; and many different things at the same time. 


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