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What I dreamed…

Yesterday evening Lillian should have been going to sleep, but instead she was making a picture supposedly depicting what she dreamed a few nights ago:


[Click on image to see larger version]

No nightmares here… a familiar scene, full of the usual themes: a garden scene with flowers, fairies, and this time “a dog with a crown and wings and a magic wand” – and a bird in a cage hanging from the tree, and a little girl in the house, and a sun with a happy face on it…

This evening she said “I’m going to draw my dream for tonight.  I already know what I’m going to dream tonight.”


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Ceaseless curiousity

I’m watching a documentary about the PanAm Flight 103 bombing.   Lillian is looking over my shoulder.

Did the plane crash?


Why did the plane crash?

A bad guy put a bomb on it.

What’s a bomb?

A bomb is a thing creates an explosion – goes bang! and then the plane is broken.

Why did the bad guy put the bomb on the plane?

He wanted to kill the people on the plane and scare people from flying.

Why did he want to kill the people?

Well he think’s he’s fighting a war and has to kill people.

What’s a war?

Its when lots of people fight each other.

Why do they fight?

Lots of reasons… they don’t like each other… they want to take their farms and houses…

Does the bad guy enjoy being bad?

Well, no… he doesn’t think he’s bad.

But he is bad, isn’t he.

Yep, he is bad…

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So many questions…

We’re driving along.  Lillian is holding Julie the chihuahua.

How come dogs know our language, but we don’t know dog language?

Later, still driving, she is watching the moon.

How come the moon always follows us?  Why doesn’t it follow other people? How come, Mummy?


We’re at the farm, walking back over the hill as the sun is setting behind us.  Lillian is holding my hand.  Stars are just appearing.

Daddy, where do stars come from?

Well, they’ve always been there….

But where did they come from?

Well, a long long time ago…

What, before there we had the farm?

Yes, before the farm was even here…

What, no trees and grass and things?

Nope.  Nothing at all.

Where were we?

We didn’t exist.  We weren’t even born yet.

THAT’S funny…

Yep… So suddenly there was a big explosion, and suddenly there was all dust and everything and then gradually it turned into stars and planets…

Where was the explosion?

This was getting difficult.

It was nowhere.  There wasn’t anywhere for it to be yet.

What, you mean it was up in the sky?

I don’t think I can explain this one.  Don’t understand it that well myself…

No, there wasn’t any sky until this explosion happened.

But where was it?

Hey, look over there, isn’t that a pretty cloud!

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