First day at school

This one’s a bit belated… Lillian has started school.  This is when we arrived:


In the middle is her teacher, Melissa, who seems friendly, intelligent, and energetic.  

Lillian settled down to her favourite activity, drawing, very quickly:


She’s completely comfortable spending all day at school doing various activities.  Though she says that, as yet, she doesn’t have anyone to play with.  I suspect this is an exaggeration and in any case not likely to be an issue for very long. 

Our basic routine is that I give her a lift on my bike, drop her off whenever we get there at the before-school care, and then head into my office in the CBD, picking her up from the after-school care on the way back.  The before- and after- care seems to be good for her because she gets to mix with a range of kids from her age upwards – much like being with her cousins.  

Teresa packs a nice lunch box, with sandwiches, fruit, cheese etc. and Lillian says she has the best lunch in the class.  Though she had to instruct Mummy how to make a proper vegemite sandwich (not so much vegemite!).


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