Lets find a lizard!

We were walking around at the farm inspecting the fruit trees when we came across the dried out, mangled carcass of a blue-tongued lizard (technically, eastern blue-tongued skink).  Very interesting!  We took it up to the house to show Mummy.  One leg was relatively clean and intact; we cut that off to keep.

Lillian: “Can we go and find another lizard?”

“No, we can’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“Well, you can’t just go and find a lizard! They’re not easy to find.  You just have to wait until you come across one.”

Lillian reluctantly accepted this disappointing news.

So we went down to the vegetable garden to do some watering. On the way there, going down the steep embankment, Lillian tripped on a stick and fell face first.   She cried for much less than a minute.

At the garden, which has young pumpkins, broccoli, cabbage, capsicum, eggplan, chilli and garlic, Lillian spent a while watering, which which of course included spraying me a bit.

I lifted an sheet of old corrugated iron to move it.  Underneath…


So we picked it up and went up to the house to show Mummy a real live lizard this time.

(Note the face paint, still on from the fete the previous day, and the plaits, still there from the day before that.)

We put the lizard in a cardboard box.  Lillian wanted to take it back with us to Parkville, but we thought the lizard would be miserable and wouldn’t have anything to eat. So Lillian gently released the lizard into the fernery.

We’ll look for it again next time.


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