Fete & fishing

We spent most of Saturday at the Christ Church Foster fete.  Lillian had her face painted by the local school librarian – a butterfly of course.  She spent a while painting plaster figurines, received mystery present, had two ice creams and a barbecued sausage on a slice of white bread (she ate just the sausage).   She went in the children’s fancy dress competition but didn’t win (she wasn’t in fancy dress) but received a chocolate frog consolation prize anyway.  She found herself a little princess figurine in the garage sale and bought it for 20c but later dropped it, breaking the head off.  She had much attention from older women, most of whom knew her from church.

After the fate, when Daddy had finished help with packing up, we went down to Port Franklin, a tiny riverside holiday village.  Liz (wife of Tim Fletcher, the minister at the church) took us down there, saying that there was good fishing.  And indeed the kids there on the wharf were catching quite a few fish – most trevally (too small, and being thrown back in) but also flathead, mullet and “Australian salmon”.  Lillian was fascinated, running from one spot to another to catch the action.  She became a little helper for one boy, fetching his bait, and even getting to hold his line.  New she really wants to get her own gear and go fishing herself.


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