Life’s lesson #6,914 learned

We were in Canberra, visiting Lillian’s grandfather in the hospice and spending some time with her grandmother. After five days or so, Lillian was understandably restless.

She’d never seen real snow, and it seemed possible that there might be some snow in the nearby mountains, so we decided to go for a drive. We borrowed the grandparent’s Mercedes. Our destination – Honeysuckle Creek, up behind Mt. Tenant, which was pretty close and had a sealed road all the way.

Unfortunately there was no snow. We went to take a look at the remains of the Honeysuckle Creek tracking station, built by NASA for the Apollo missions.

Lillian decided she didn’t want to get out of the car. OK, she could stay there while Teresa and I took a look around. Lillian’s window was down, and the car was locked.

Teresa and I were about fifty yards away, when Lillian appeared behind us.

“Guess how I got out? I climbed out the window!” she told us proudly.

After a good look around, including stalking some kangaroos, we set off. It was quite cool – about 5 degrees. I tried closing Lillian’s window. The electric motor whirred, but nothing happened. The window had been pushed down deep into the door, and was now stuck.

It seemed that when Lillian was climbing out, she must have had her weight on the window, causing it to collapse into the door. But, being so inexperienced in the mechanical ways of the world, she couldn’t really have know that such a thing might happen or that it might be a problem. It was a genuine “oops.”

We had to drive for about an hour back to Canberra with the window down and an icy gale inside the car.

Lillian didn’t fully grasp what had happened, but did sort of appreciate that climbing through the window had done something a bit bad.

Granny Helen was very understanding. She knew of a trusty mechanic who would be able to fix it.


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