There are now some frogs in our backyard.

It started with a wasp.

Lillian found a wasp on the window at the farm. She yelled loudly for Daddy to come and take it away. So we found a large jar, placed it over the wasp, slid a piece of paper between the jar and the window, and then pulled jar and paper, with wasp inside, away from the window.

We took it to the back steps to let it go.

For a while, it just clung to the inside of the jar. Lillian tapped the jar firmly. The wasp flew away.

“See, that’s how you do it, you tap it” she instructed.

We watched the wasp fly high into the sky.

Then – Oops! – Daddy dropped the jar onto the step. It smashed into lots of pieces.

Together we started picking up the pieces, being careful not to cut ourselves.

I pulled back some grass next to the step, and there was a little frog.

Lillian was ecstatic. “Look! A frog! A frog!” she cried. “Can we keep it, Daddy?”

We looked for something to put the frog in. We found a plastic container. We put some holes in the lid so the frog could breath, then some rocks and grass and bark and water inside. Then we put the frog in.

It jumped right out.

We caught it again and put it back, and closed the lid.

“Can we catch some more frogs?”

We found another couple of frogs by the back step. So now there were three frogs in the container, and the back step area was frogless.

“Can we go look for some more frogs, Daddy?”

We looked around the house area, but couldn’t find any. But Lillian’s frog-hunting passion was not to be denied. We decided to walk down to the dam in the steep gully below the house.

We walked around the dam, looking in the grass at the water’s edge. No frogs, but we did find lots of slimy-looking frog spawn, with tiny little tadpoles inside.

Luckily it didn’t occur to Lillian to try to pick up and keep some frog spawn.

We went back to the house.

By this time, one of the poor frogs had been crushed by a sliding rock inside their container home. We fished it out.

“I’m going to let the frogs go tomorrow” she announced.

Later – “Daddy, can take the frogs home and let them go there?”

That seemed an OK idea.


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