Misery Creek not so bad

Yesterday we went exploring.  We drove down the Turton’s Creek road until we found the turnoff for Misery Creek Road.  That sounded evocative.  We followed a narrow track which may or may not have been a private road, into a hidden amphitheatre of green hills.  There was nobody around – just a few cows and sheep.  Here’s my attempt to capture the mood:

It was a wintry grey day, with occasional drizzle.  Lillian had her own special umbrella.  Here she is against the backdrop of an enormous rivergum:

Lillian with umbrella at Misery Creek

(Click on the image to download/view high-quality version – 2mb)

I bought that for her last week, and she’s taken it with her everywhere since, including to bed. She plans on taking it to her “Show and Tell” on Monday.

Notice how she’s also carrying a little pink teddy bear.  She carried that the whole way too.

Lillian was wearing gumboots and was enjoying walking through puddles, mud etc.  At one point Mummy said “My feet are wet.”  To which Lillian quickly responded “That means you don’t have gumboots.”

On the way back we saw a koala (first sighting in the wild), a wombat, and four lyrebirds.

Before dinner we all played “Shopping” – a memory-based board-type game given to Lillian by Granny Helen.  Lillian loves playing Shopping, even though she needs a little help to “win”.


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