Making things

Today Lillian’s been in a constructive mood.

When she got out of bed (after the hottest March night on record, low of 27 degrees) she found a long red shoelace. “I’m going to make a bag” she said. So she took two sheets of white paper, sticky-taped them together on three sides, and then sticky-taped the ends of the strings to the corners. Then she found some things to put in the bag – a magazine ad, and a pair of her sunglasses.

After dinner, she found another use for a piece of paper – make a paper plane! She made one herself, but it was a bit rough. She took another sheet and instructed me step by step in making a paper plane. (Not realising, it seems, that I had made plenty myself as a kid.) This one flew quite well. She proceeded to cover the back of it in animal stickers.


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