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Doing some yoga with Mummy:




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Waves are fun

On Saturday we went to Wilson’s Prom, and walked to Little Oberon beach, about 4 km from Tidal River.   Lillian loved running away from the incoming waves pounding onto the beach:


I was trying to hold her back from getting too close to the larger ones:


She tired herself out with so much running, so I had to carry her much of the way back, with her nodding off.

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Making things

Today Lillian’s been in a constructive mood.

When she got out of bed (after the hottest March night on record, low of 27 degrees) she found a long red shoelace. “I’m going to make a bag” she said. So she took two sheets of white paper, sticky-taped them together on three sides, and then sticky-taped the ends of the strings to the corners. Then she found some things to put in the bag – a magazine ad, and a pair of her sunglasses.

After dinner, she found another use for a piece of paper – make a paper plane! She made one herself, but it was a bit rough. She took another sheet and instructed me step by step in making a paper plane. (Not realising, it seems, that I had made plenty myself as a kid.) This one flew quite well. She proceeded to cover the back of it in animal stickers.

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Conversations on the bike

Most days Lillian rides the tag-along bike to child care and back. Usually she doesn’t pedal much. Sometimes she just sings the whole way. Other times she likes to engage in spontaneous conversation. Often she’ll start by ringing her bell to get my attention.





“Gabby says that if she swallows her chewing gum she won’t die.”


“But she’s wrong. She will die, won’t she?”




“Daddy am I going to turn five?”

“Yes, when you’ve grown up a bit more you’ll turn five.”

“Daddy, when I was a baby I was one. Then I grew up some more and was two. Then I grew up some more and was three. Then I grew up some more and was three and a big girl. Then I turned four. And now I’m going to turn five!”

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Three ducks

We’re in the study. Lillian has found the pair of wooden, decorated Korean ducks that Nick gave us at our wedding. She was playing with them.

“One of those is the mummy duck, and one is the daddy duck.” I said.

“Which one is the mummy?”

“The one with the string around its beak.”

“So this one must be the daddy!” she said, taking the other duck. But then she paused. Something was missing.

“Where is the baby duck?” she asked.

“There isn’t one!” I explained.

“I know!” She raced off, returning soon after with a yellow bath-toy duck. She placed it alongside the two larger ducks.

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Another sunset on the hill at the farm.  Lillian is picking the seeds from dandelions.


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