Sore lips

On Sunday night, Lillian was making a “salad”.  She chopped up various leaves, and decided to add a red chilli she found on the bench.  She chopped that up and of course got some of the juice on her fingers. 

About an hour later she put her fingers to her mouth.  Seemingly for no reason, her lips were suddenly burning!

We quickly fetched some yoghurt from the fridge, and covered her lips.  That cooled them off temporarily, but kept falling off, so we had to re-apply more.  And of course she looked rather silly with messy white lips.  A painful episode turned into a fun game.

The next day she was playing in the yard at child care.  She was trying to climb up the slippery slide the wrong way, and somehow fell and bumped her lips, which started to bleed a little.  So her carers gave her a wet tissue.  Everything OK again…

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