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Letter to self

Lillian wrote her name on an envelope (I wrote the address), put a stamp on it, put one of her own drawings inside, stuck down the flap, and then posted it in the red mailbox on Royal Parade.

The next day, she got a letter!



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Who’s that? Mummy…

Lillian’s art is moving into a more pictorial phase:


I asked what the shapes on Mummy’s chest were.  She said “lungs”.

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Tickles can kill you

We were playing “What can kill you?” – a game she learnt at child care, I think.  When she names something that can kill, she gets a pretend star on her forehead.  About every fifth item is “tickles”.

“Lillian, what can kill you?”

“Umm…. trucks!”

“Yes!”  (pretend star)

“Umm…. spiders!”

“Yes! What else?”


“Well, sort of.”  (pretend star)


“OK…” (pretend star). “What else?”

“Ummm…..   …. “

“TICKLES!!”  30 seconds of hilarity as Lillian gets the expected dose of tickling.

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Julie and Honey at farm

This weekend we took Teresa’s parents’ dogs, Julie (Chihuahua) and Honey (Pomeranian) to the farm.  Lillian was thrilled, and played with them most of the time.

Walking the dogs in the paddock:


Putting the dogs in the cabinet:




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Butterfly hunter

Being midsummer, there were lots of butterflies in the garden and paddocks at the farm.  We tried catching them by hand, and got a few, but it was hard that way.  So we thought we’d get a net.  The shop in Foster had run out of butterfly nets but we got a fishing net instead, which did the job.

Here’s Lillian ready to set out on a butterfly hunting expedition:


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Angel in the living room


Lillian had dressed herself in her tutu/butterfly outfit and was sitting on the black recliner-type chair in the living room.

I took about 5 photos.  This one, without a flash (hence the blurryness) came out best.

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a reasonable explanation

We’re riding home from child care.  Lillian is in the backpack.  The sky is clear and blue.  A half-moon is hanging in the sky.  It is hard to make out the dark (unlit) side of the moon; it appears to be approximately the same colour as the blue of the sky. 

Lillian: “There’s a moon!”

“Yes, its a half-moon.”

“Yes, a half-moon… the other half is hiding behind the sky.”

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