Off to Taiwan

Today Lillian left for a short trip to Taiwan, with Mummy and grandparents (Jennivine and Ray).

We woke her up at 3.45 AM so we could make it to the airport by 4.30.   But she was very happy and cooperative – probably because of the excitement of the big trip in the airplane.

When we arrived at the airport, Jennivine and Ray were there waiting at kerbside.  I unloaded a suitcase, and Lillian gave me a huge hug.  As usual, everyones’ attention was glued on Lillian.

Which partly explains how I managed to drive off completely oblivious to the fact that Lillian’s bag was in the back seat.

As I arrived home, I head the phone ringing…. a quick turn-around, back to the airport.  Fortunately at that time of the morning it only takes 10-15 minutes.  The bag was delivered in plenty of time.


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