We love flowers

Neil and Rosemary visited us at the farm last weekend. It is wildflower season; flowers were out in diverse abundance. Much of the time was spent wandering around enjoying the show, with Lillian and Rosemary picking all different sorts.

Unbeknownst to us, Rosemary had brought Lillian a present, a little Edwardian-era book called Flower Fairies of Summer by Cicely Mary Barker. The book has colour plates on one page showing an English wildflower with an associated fairy, and on the facing page a little poem about that flower.

Rosemary had inscribed inside the front cover: “To Lillian, who loves flowers. From Rosemary, who also loves flowers.”

Before Rosemary had brought out the book, she and Lillian came into the house after picking a bunch of flowers. As they prepared to arrange the flowers in old jam jars, Lillian looked up to Rosemary and said:

“We love flowers, don’t we!”

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