The Monkey

Teresa found this.  It seems to apply quite well to Lillian (who was born in the year of the Monkey):


The Monkey child will be captivating. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, she won’t keep still for a moment. Mischievous, jovial and very competitive, she will steal her way into your heart. Skillful at flattery and extremely good at playing up to your weaknesses, the incorrigible Monkey will always get what she is after.

Curious, unpredictable and ingenious, this youngster will usually be found fidgeting with some device. Don’t be too upset if she breaks her toys. It is simply because she is not attracted by the outer decor; she takes things apart to get inside and see what makes them tick. Intricate or mechanically moving contraptions never fail to amuse or fascinate her. She will be forever tugging at your apron strings and stomping after you with brilliant questions about the universe.

One of these days, when you are about to throw away that unreliable clock that never worked well, your Monkey child will pick it up and fix it with a hairpin. She is never contented with what she has. The grass always look greener to her on the other side. The ambitious and conniving little imp will always have her eye on other people’s possessions.

She is constantly goaded to improve herself and she prides herself on her vast accumulation of knowledge and skills. She will be involved in a myriad of activities. Today she will be investigating the theory of photography and tomorrow she may be building herself an amateur radio. The remarkable thing is that the Monkey can spread her attention to several subjects and be able to master them all. She can be snobbish and cocky and will like to tease others with her versatile wit. Optimistic and forever hopeful, she will never concede defeat. She will try and try again until she succeeds.

The Monkey child will have a selfish streak and may refuse to share what she has while skillfully helping herself to other children’s toys. Excitable, pretentious and crafty, she will be oblivious of any regulation that restricts her. She should be taught that life is not a one-way street. Even when she does share, she will carefully consider what she can get in return. Even the smallest Monkey is adept at weighing the pros and cons. She will cry foul at the slightest edge others may have over her but she expects you to close both eyes if the scales tip in her favor.

Then, just when you have reached the saturation point and become totally exasperated with her, the Monkey will turn on her sweet saintly smile, apologize from the bottom of her heart, pour flattery all over your wounds and stand on her head to make you laugh. You will forget all the harsh measures you were going to take against her and be her willing captive all over again.

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