Best friends

When I went to pick up Lillian today, Gabby was also being picked up by her mother.  Lillian and Gabby wanted to leave together, so they held hands going down the stairs.  At the bottom, they were playing “You by Lillian, and I be Gabby” – i.e., each one being the other. 

Outside it had been raining, and there was a puddle.  Both started madly jumping up and down in the puddle.  Lillian was in bare feet. 

Gabby’s mother was there, and she mentioned that on Sunday they are having a birthday party for Gabby.  It is a “pirate” party at Fairfield boathouse, which should be fun, especially as Lillian already has a pirate costume, which she wore at Halloween.

Upstairs, her carers had told me that Lillian had been in a fight with another child, Sasha.  At one point Lillian had been “standing on” Sasha, and Sasha bit her calf.  Lillian had obvious red toothmarks on her skin, but didn’t seem to be at all traumatised by the time I saw her, although she had cried at the time.

Lillian is one of the youngest in her group, but also one of the tallest and strongest.  At home we asked what happened.  Initially (in her usual way) she just said “don’t know”.  But later, Teresa coaxed more of the story out of her.  Sasha had taken Gabby’s “Croc” (a trendy kind of plastic sandal). Lillian was trying to make Sasha give it back, but he wouldn’t let it go.  So she was trying to force it from him.  It seems that she must have had him on the ground with at least one foot on him trying to wrench the Croc from him.

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