Cow Poo (again)

This silly routine happens every night, so I thought we should record it.

I mentioned in a previous post how Lillian acts like a cow poo by curling up underneath a brown towel.  Well, now the ritual is a bit more elaborate.

After her bath, Lillian turns herself into a cow poo.

Me, surprised: “What’s THAT on the floor?”

Muffled voice from direction of cow poo: “A cow poo!”

“Should we put it in the bin?”


So I pick up the cow poo, and lift it up.  The towel starts falling off, revealing a wriggling naked child.

“What’s that in there?!?  A person?!? A person in the cow poo?!?”

Shrieks of laughter….

Repeat, up to 6 times…

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