Today when I arrived to pick up Lillian from child care, she had been playing in an outdoor “kitchen” area with her friend Lily, whom she calls “Lily Pily”.

Knowing it was time to go home, she ran over to Lily Pily yelling “GOODBYE LILY PILY” and gave her a big hug. 

Then her friend Emma joined the group, so she yelled “GOODBYE EMMA” and gave her a big hug too. 

Then she said “KISS!” and gave Lily Pily a kiss on the mouth.  Then she kissed Emma.

Another smaller, perhaps younger girl joined the group.  Lillian didn’t seem to notice her at all, and ran over to me.  The little girl looked like she felt left out, so I said to Lillian “What about the other girl?  Give her a hug too!”

So Lillian ran back to the group and gave the little girl a big hug.  Lillian is bigger and stronger than any of the three others, particularly the new one, who is called Tilda, Lillian told me later.  When Lillian hugged Tilda, she lifted her right off the ground.

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