Cycling prowess

Lillian has been spending a lot of time on the tag-along bike lately, and is building quite a lot of confidence in cycling.

On Sunday, she went for a ride on her own bike around Parkville.  For the first time, she could ride fast, turn corners, etc.. She could even pedal harder by standing up on the pedals.  (But she still wanted to stop frequently to pick flowers to put in the pouch on the handlebars.)

Today, as we were riding home from child care, she was trying every variation on normal riding she could think of:

  • tossing her weight hard from side to side, thereby making the whole bike/tagalong combination swerve from side to side (very funny)
  • standing on the seat as we were going along
  • riding without holding the handlebars (fortunately, not combined with the previous)
  • standing on one pedal, swinging her other leg over onto the same side, and dragging her foot, or pushing the bike

So she’s very “at home” on a bicycle.

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