A new theory of human origins

A little background: first, as described in this post, Lillian for a while seemed to be under the impression that she came from the flower garden. 

Second, for the past month or so, she’s used the word “popoff” to describe a fart. We’re guessing she picked it up at child care, but don’t really know.  Being a 3 1/2 year old, this is one of her favourite words.

Now – tonight, Teresa’s old friend Michelle came for dinner.  She brought some pretty flowers, which were put in a vase on the dining table. Lillian, who loves collecting and arranging flowers, was playing with them.

Teresa: “Did you come from the flower garden, or from my tummy?”

Lillian, smiling in a way that indicated that she knew that this was a “play” question, said: “From your tummy… when you did a popoff, I popped out.”

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