This evening it was time to return home.  Lillian wanted to take her snails back, but Maryanne said they should be in a container with holes so air could get in, unlike the sealed jar they had been in for the past week.  So we went and got a small plastic container, put some holes in it, and Lillian put the snails in it.  Then she put the container inside the sealed jar and closed it up. 

She put the jar inside a box with her various other things (feather, picture etc.) to take home.  We headed off, Lillian taking the box with her.  But by the time we got home, she didn’t have the box.  We didn’t know where she had left it.  So we rode all the way back again to the child care centre, retracing our steps.  No sign of the box.  We hope it is inside the centre somewhere.  Maybe we can find it tomorrow.

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