Fixing the bike

We spent another weekend at the farm. We had taken down a new tandem, and Daddy spent a few hours doing fine-tuning. Lillian thought that looked interesting, so when I stopped, she went over and started working on the bike herself. She’d pick up a tool and start (pretend) adjusting the handlebar, or the seat height. But her most important contribution was to extend the handlebars. Into both ends of both handlebars, and into the ends of the handlebars on her tag-along, she stuck screwdrivers (6 total). This was so, when we were riding, we could if we liked have our hands wider apart.

Later, after a long ride, Teresa was standing straddling the bike and said she couldn’t get off (i.e., lift her leg over the central bar). Lillian said “I can help you Mummy!” and grabbed Teresa’s foot and tried to lift it up and over the bar. Of course this couldn’t work but it was a sensible-enough idea.

Teresa later remarked that Lillian likes to feel responsible or depended-upon.

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