Dinner not spoiled

A little while back, I read a blog post about appreciating the moment.  The key line was: “Some day, you’ll miss almost everything about your life the way it is right now.”  It has stuck in my mind since then, popping up at odd moments, like when I’m washing the dishes.

Tonight we were just sitting down to dinner.  Teresa had cooked a delicious mustard- and herb-encrusted roast beef with roasted vegetables, plus a good Coonawarra cab sav.  I was a bit tired after the usual long day at work.  Lillian started to climb onto me so she could eat her dinner from there.  I tried to insist that she sit on her own chair.  Partly I thought she “should” learn to be more disciplined and eat properly (even at 3 1/2).  Partly I didn’t want her wriggling presence interfering with my degustation

But then I remembered the quote, and allowed her to climb up.  She can eat “properly” later.  And I can still enjoy my food, even if it takes reaching around her.

We’re just tucking in when


she let rip with the longest loudest fart she’s ever done.  Right on me.

She quickly turned to see my reaction, with a big smile.  She laughs at the exaggerated funny faces I put on at such times. 

I thought of the quote again, and it still seemed right. 

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