Various small things

I picked Lillian up at child care, and we rode home.  It took a while because Lillian likes to stop and pick flowers.  It is spring and there are all sorts of blossoms and flowers on and around the Melbourne University campus.  She gathered quite an exotic bunch. Crossing Royal Parade, we caught up with Mummy who was just returning from the gym.  Lillian said

“Daddy can you go slowly because Mummy has to walk.”

I tried going slowly but its a bit hard to go at walking pace.

“Daddy I want to get off and walk with Mummy.”

She held Mummy’s hand and they walked home, picking some more flowers along Morrah St.


We’re in the kitchen as dinner is being cooked.  Lillian wants some macadamia nuts.  The nut container is on the very top shelf of the cupboard.  Even Daddy can’t reach it. 

So we do a trick we learned in circus class.  I flip Lillian up onto my shoulder into “superhero” position.  From there, it is easy to stand on my shoulders, using her shins against the back of my head to balance herself.  From there, she can reach the nuts!


Mummy is a bit unwell at the moment.  Lillian and I are quite well.  We’ve all been eating lots of honey lately.  There’s a honey stall at the Vic market which sells dozens of varieties – organic, regional, Manuka, etc..  Supposedly honey is a good antibiotic and helps keep you healthy.  So I say to Lillian:

“We’re not sick are we! Because we’ve been eating lots of…… of…..”

She looks at me quizzically, not quite sure what the expected answer is. 


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