What to do on a hill

On Saturday we went into town (Foster) to pick up a few things.  Kites weren’t on our list, but we ended up bringing a couple back.   One was designed to look like a jelly fish.  The other wasn’t really a kite but a windsock, shaped like a parrot.

It was a beautiful spring day, sunny and a little brisk, with a medium breeze.  We took the kites to the top of the hill behind the house.  It is clear up there, perfect kite-flying territory.

We managed to get the jellyfish kite flying; Lillian was holding it.   But the wind was a bit strong and so it was zipping around wildly.  The parrot wouldn’t fly like a kite at all.  But then we had a brilliant idea – tie the parrot to the tail of the jellyfish!  Up they went; it looked like the parrot was chasing the jellyfish.

Later we tied the jellyfish and parrot in the gum tree beside the house where they fluttered around.

That evening at sunset we went back to the top of the hill and sat watching the sun drop below the distant horizon.  sunset_farm.jpg


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