Rule 1: Always do things differently

If there’s a standard way to do something, Lillian is always looking for some off-beat variation.

At child care, the kids know they can get a sticker as they pass the front desk on the way out.  The stickers are small round ones which come on sheets of about 50.  They are surrounded by a kind of frame of sticky paper.  Whereas other kids like to get a sticker, Lillian prefers to have the frame, which is much bigger, and full of holes where the stickers were.  She’s gradually plastering her trail-a-bike with these multi-coloured sticker-frame things.

As we ride home, we pass a large granite monument-type thing with four sides and and a flat top about 7 feet high.  On each side is a drinking fountain.  Lillian likes to have a drink, and then to climb up on top of the monument.  She stands up there and starts singing randomly.  It is at a busy footpath-crossing on the Melbourne University campus, so people are wandering by wondering what is with this little kid, standing so high and singing away.


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