Animals in the bin

When we return from child care, around 6.00pm, and arrive at our front door, Lillian likes to be picked up so she can ring the doorbell and
shout through the letter slot “IS ANYBODY THERE?”, and then watch Mummy approach (if she’s there). 

If nobody is home, we have to sneak in to the house because there might be a mouse inside.  Last week we found the mouse (an imaginary one) in a loaf of bread on the kitchen bench.  I tossed the loaf in the air, mock-afraid.  Lillian quickly grabbed the mouse and put it in the rubbish bin.

Tonight we sneaked into the kitchen but instead of a mouse there was an (imaginary) possum in the bread!

Lillian grabbed the possum and threw it in the bin.

We went to look at the possum in the bin.  My fingers, out of Lillian’s sight, were scratching the side of the bin, as if the possum was making a noise.

The possum and the mouse were fighting!

Lillian went to the study and got a piece of sticky tape and used it to tape down the rubbish bin lid, so that the possum and the mouse could not escape.

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