Very grownup, almost

Lillian is quite good at acting in the manner of the adult or carer.

She dropped a glass bowl, and it broke. Teresa and I rush over.

Lillian, in a reassuring, adult-to-child tone: “That’s OK. It was just an accident.”


We’re at the farm, just about to return to Melbourne. Teresa was climbing into the truck and bumped her shin.

Lillian: “Its alright Mummy. We’ll be home in a minute. We can get you a bandaid.”


Other times, she’s got a bit to learn.

We’re at the petrol station. I ask Lillian if she wants to go to the toilet. She says no. A minute later, she’s bouncing from leg to leg.

“Daddy I need to go to the toilet.”

So I take her into the (single, unisex) toilet. In my hand is Teresa’s Fly Buys card, which is blue. While we’re getting Lillian ready to take a pee, I clumsily drop the card. It bounces into the toilet bowl and sinks to the bottom. Fortunately the toilet looks reasonably clean. I “take the plunge” and fetch the card.

After washing my hand and the card, I say to Lillian firmly: “Mummy isn’t going to hear about that, OK?”

We go back to the car. Once the doors are closed and we’re setting off, Lillian announces:



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