Lillian as a newborn

I was cleaning out my university office the other day and found some old unprocessed films in the drawer. Had forgotten what they were. One was photos of Lillian, from a few days old to a few months old. Taken with a disposable camera. They came out remarkably well, for cheap film that was banging around in a drawer for over 3 years.

Here’s she’s a day or two old, under the ultra-violet light (treatment for jaundice):


Here, probably not more than a few weeks old:


A happier shot around the same time:


Teresa holding Lillian, at the Flower Show in the Exhibition Building gardens. This would have been not long before Teresa went in for her operation.


Note the tuft of hair on her head, making her look like a child in traditional chinese paintings. She went through a brief phase where her hair seemed to be hinting at her racial/cultural heritage.


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