New things every day…

 Today Lillian was doing colouring and drawing, completely on her own for a while.  When I came back she had drawn people:


This is the first time I’ve noticed her drawing people – previously it has been random scribbling, or spiders or fish.


She went riding on her bike today.  Though she loves riding on the trail-a-bike on the back of Daddy’s bike, she’s still very apprehensive about riding on her own.  Today she discovered something new and very important – how to stop.  On her bike the rear brake is activated by pedaling backwards.  She found braking quite satisfying.  She’d go for a few feet then brake – repeat 20 times…

She also learned how to pedal while standing on the pedals, thereby getting much more power.


The nightly going-to-bed ritual is:

– make sure all the eight or so stuffed animals are in bed, under the covers near her feet

– we read a story, usually Animals (“Zany Zebras Zigzagging in Zinc Zeppelins”)

– I go to get milk  in her bottle (she still likes to have her baby bottle)

– I bring the milk back, but she’s hiding under the doona.  “Where’s Lillian?…” then she pops up.

– she says “Thank you… If you hear from me again, you’ll [chew me up and] spit me out and put me in the truck and I’ll be taken out…with the rubbish…we don’t want that no, no no”

Then she promptly goes to sleep, almost always without waking, calling out etc.. at all.


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