Kinder Circus

We took Lillian to a “try out” class at the WestSide Circus “Kinder Circus” for 3-5 year olds this (Saturday) morning.

Generally she had a lot of fun – games, balancing exercises, a bit of tumbling, etc.. – very active.  About a dozen children there with their adults.  We didn’t know going in, but parents had to be fully involved doing most activities.  A little more than I had bargained for, but fun if you throw yourself into it.

Lillian was however a bit of a wild thing – participating well at times, but at other times running off and doing her own thing.  The instructor said that in the first few classes kids tend to be so overwhelmed and excited they can’t hold themselves back.  After a few classes they settle down, pay consistent attention and participate in all the activities.

We learned some fun balancing activities, which we tried again at home.

We haven’t decided yet if we’ll enroll her for the full 10-week series of classes.  She’d have a great time, and learn lots of good stuff, but we tend to be away at the farm every second weekend which is a bit of a problem.


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