Bouncing song

After dinner tonight, Lillian spent about 15 minutes bouncing on the mini-trampoline, facing the back (balcony) glass doors.

Previously she had arranged about eight soft toys (doggie, teddie, rabbit etc.) sitting in a row on the couch.

Now she would pick up each toy in turn, and hold it while bouncing and singing a song which went something like

“Rabbit, Rabbit, where’s your carrot?…”

Must be something she learned at child care.


Each morning these days she has a fried egg on toast.  The egg is “sunny side up”; the white is firm but the yolk is soft.  It is on a piece of whole-grain toast with the crust removed.

She calls the white the “mummy” and the yolk the “baby.”  The first thing we must do is carefully separate the baby from the mummy by cutting around the edge of the yolk.  The result is a white ring which can be lifted away and eaten first.  Then the yolk; then the bread.


Today was the coldest day of the year.  When we left child care, it was dark, about 5 degrees, spitting rain, and a wicked wind was blowing through the streets.

We of course were on the bike-with-trail-a-bike.  With our jackets and gloves and helmets on.  I’m sure the other parents were pitying us as we were putting on our layers getting ready to brave the elements.

Lillian of course took no notice of any mere detail like wintry weather.   As usual she was singing most of the way, giving me back seat directions – go on the bumps! go under the bridge! go through the scary man tunnel!

And when we got home – as usual – she wanted to keep riding around, even as the sleet closed in…


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