To child care on the trail-a-bike

Today we rode to child care and back using the half-bike which attaches to the back of Daddy’s bike.

Lillian was very happy to ride this way, eagerly jumping onto her seat.  On the way back she spent much of the time singing loudly.

She’s full of mischief.  It wasn’t long before she discovered she could drag her toes on the tarmac.  Terrible for her shoes.  Fortunately she didn’t persist for long.

Then she discovered that she could rock the whole bike by suddenly throwing her weight to one side.  This would cause my bike to lean in that direction, and so I’d have to steer in that direction to prevent us from falling over.  So she could “steer” by throwing her weight around.  Poor Daddy had to work to keep us upright and not  crashing into anything. 

At the traffic light, she jumped off the back (we were on the footpath) and walked around a bit. 

I said “Lillian – get back on! We’ve got to go!”

“No! Not until the light turns green!”

When the light turned green, she jumped back on and off we went.   

When we got home, she wanted to continue riding, even though it was cold, dark, and a bit foggy.  So we went around Royal Park.


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