My own bike!

This is a big day – Lillian has her first bike. 

Of course she picked the pink one with sparkly pink and purple tassles on the end of the handbars, a little seat for a doll on the back, etc.. It’s Mongoose bike, called a Missygoose.  But we bought it at a proper bike shop, with expert assistance, and so we’re reasonably sure it’s good quality and will last her a long time – about three years, they say.

She couldn’t wait to get on it.  While I was talking to the guy in the shop, she was taking the plastic off, and climbing on it and starting to ride.  Trouble was, initially she tended to pedal backwards – she hadn’t quite got the hang of the continuous forward pedalling motion, first one foot pushing then the other.

When we got home it was a grey cold rainy winter Melbourne day but she still wanted to go for  ride.  She soon got the hang of steering and pedaling.  She hasn’t quite mastered braking yet.


There are lots of flowers on the bike already, but she soon managed to find some more to decorate it with:


Hard work!  Here she is taking a drink from the little water bottle that came with it:


We also bought a half-bike which attachs to the back of Daddy’s bike.  With this we can ride to child care each day, or go on longer rides, etc..


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