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At child care, Lillian and Aurelia were playing at washing and drying babies.  The play area was set up with a washtub, plastic dolls, change table, towels etc.

Lillian took the baby doll over to the tub and put it in the water.  Aurelia was holding the ladle (a plastic cup from a box of washing machine powder).  Lillian just reached and tried to grab it.  Aurelia held on tightly.  The two were then in a tug-of-war.  Over came a carer and took it away.  Which was  a bit unfair to Aurelia since it was Lillian who hadn’t played nicely to begin with.

As we were leaving, I insisted that Lillian apologise to Aurelia.  Happily enough, she ran across the room, and said loudly “Sorry Aurelia!” while touching her shoulder.


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