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Flower arranging

Although it is midwinter, there are still flowers of various kinds at the farm, some holdovers from last season, some fresh new arrivals. This morning Lillian went around the garden at the farm picking samples of anything she could find.  She then arranged them in a glass:



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You thought…

It was time for Lillian to clean her teeth.  I reached intending to pick up and hand her her toothbrush, but absent-mindedly first, and only briefly, moved my hand towards my own (blue) toothbrush.

Lillian didn’t miss that.

Quick as a flash, she said “Daddy, you thought that your toothbrush was mine!”


Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but here’s some of what was going on:

– first, she has sufficient “theory of mind” that she understood that I can have false thoughts, i.e., what philosophers call propositional attitudes (“the thought that <proposition>”) which may be false

– she can correctly interpret me as having such false thoughts on the basis of subtle cues such as a slightly odd movement of the hand

– she can attribute that false thought to me by means of a sentence with correct grammatical form

– she has sufficient sensitivity to the social context to realise that pointing out that I have the false thought is something worth saying.

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Today when we got back from child care, she wanted to go across the street to the shop.  We said no, and she was very upset.

She went to the front door herself, but it was closed.

She tried turning the knob, but it was just out of reach.

She went and got her little step, and could reach it now, but the door couldn’t open because her step was keeping it closed.

She moved the step back from the door and tried again, but Daddy had used his key to lock the deadbolt.

She went and found another set of keys, and tried to unlock the deadbolt.  She found the correct key (a green one) and managed to put it in the lock – but didn’t quite manage to turn it properly.

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Fly, Fly, onto there…

Lillian invented her own little game about a year ago.  She’s started playing it again. I’ll be holding a wine glass.  With her hand, she imitates a fly, while she recites:

“Fly, Fly, onto there…” (fly lands on base of glass)

“Climb, climb, climb…”  (fly climbs up the glass)

“Round and round and round…” (fly walks around the rim of the glass)

“Fall in!”

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A robust kid

We’ve seen some over-protected, over-indulged, namby-pamby kids lately.  An increasingly common phenomenon.

Lillian, fortunately, is tough, energetic, adventurous and independent-minded.  Here she is climbing a hill at the farm:


This photo makes it look a bit steeper than it really is.  But it is pretty steep, and muddy, and cold, and… but she was enjoying herself.


Today she picked up her mermaid tail.

“I want to put on my tayo.”

“Its tail.”

“No, TAYO.”

“Not TAY-YO.  TAY-IL.”

No Daddy, that’s a different word.  I’m saying TAYO.

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Kinder Circus

We took Lillian to a “try out” class at the WestSide Circus “Kinder Circus” for 3-5 year olds this (Saturday) morning.

Generally she had a lot of fun – games, balancing exercises, a bit of tumbling, etc.. – very active.  About a dozen children there with their adults.  We didn’t know going in, but parents had to be fully involved doing most activities.  A little more than I had bargained for, but fun if you throw yourself into it.

Lillian was however a bit of a wild thing – participating well at times, but at other times running off and doing her own thing.  The instructor said that in the first few classes kids tend to be so overwhelmed and excited they can’t hold themselves back.  After a few classes they settle down, pay consistent attention and participate in all the activities.

We learned some fun balancing activities, which we tried again at home.

We haven’t decided yet if we’ll enroll her for the full 10-week series of classes.  She’d have a great time, and learn lots of good stuff, but we tend to be away at the farm every second weekend which is a bit of a problem.

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Destined for the circus

As we were riding home tonight, I thought Lillian was being a bit quiet.  I looked over my shoulder.  She was standing on her seat, still holding the handlebars fortunately.

Three and a half years old, and spontaneously trying a balancing act on a bicycle…

Teresa has found a place in Fitzroy where they hold “circus” training sessions for children.  Lillian has her first session this Saturday morning.

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