Dog paddler

It was a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon in Melbourne.  So what to do?  Going swimming, of course.  So Lillian gets in the backpack and we go down to the indoor pool at the Melbourne Baths.

[Parkville is in many ways an excellent place to live.  Here are some of the things within short walking or riding distance:

  • The zoo (we have a family annual pass)
  • The Museum (ditto)
  • The Melbourne Baths
  • Royal Park, Princes Park, Carlton Gardens
  • Melbourne University, with its excellent gym
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital (we’ve made good use of that!)
  • Womens Hospital (where Lillian was born)
  • Children’s Hospital (Lillian has been taken down to emergency twice)
  • Vic Markets (went there yesterday morning)
  • Melbourne CBD (Myer, David Jones, etc.)
  • Lygon St

Quite a list…]

There is no kids pool, so Lillian spends all her time in the “Aqua Play” lane in the main pool.  She is wearing her vest to help her float, and is doing a strong dogpaddle.  She tells me to stay about half way down the length of the pool, then jumps in and “swims” towards me.  After a while she takes off the vest and jumps back in.  She can almost tread water without any aid.  With me providing just a little support under her tummy, she can dogpaddle the length of the pool.  At one stage she seemed to be starting to lift her arms out in a proper swimming motion.


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