Long weekend at the farm

Dozens of little “moments” – here’s just a few, in no particular order:

She likes to read Cinderella at the moment. There’s one version at home and one at the farm. She set about reading the latter to Mummy.

“One aponce a time, in a big house…”


Mummy was practising her running in the yard. Lillian hadn’t seen Mummy working on her running before. She thought it was “funny running” and was hilarious. Lillian set running with Mummy imitating her funny run, laughing continually. It didn’t seem to occur to her that Mummy wasn’t playing at all.


She still, upon seeing words, makes a plausible guess as to what they say, not really understanding that their sound depends on the letters that make them up. Daddy was planting trees, and had a bag of fertilizer, with the words “Organic Blood n Bone” and flowers on the outside. As he was digging, he overheard:



Sometimes she hardly eats anything, other times she’s like a hungry wolf. We had roast half leg of lamb on Sunday night. Attached to the leg was what must have been the shin, covered with only a bit of meat, but also skin, sinew etc. It was also roasted in the pan alongside the main cut. Of course Lillian went straight for it and gnawed it clean.

“I want the other bone.”

“What other bone? There was only one.”

Lillian, never afraid to assert her own views and correct her parents, said “Yes there is! The big one!”

We realised she meant the big bone running through the main leg and exposed at either end. She wanted to chew on that!

I cut most of the meat off the bone, and we passed it to the little barbarian:


Often when its past bedtime but she’s refusing to settle down, I’ll say, in a supposedly-serious tone, something like:

“If I hear from you again, I’m going to bite your head off.”

Tonight, she seemed to be behaving, so no need to make such dire threats.

I’m just heading out the door, and hear:

“Daddy, if you hear from me again, you’re going to bite my head off.”


She often (certainly not always) like to see that everything is in order and done properly. I have a set of 10 screwdrivers with a moulded plastic case. She spent a while on the weekend making sure that all the screwdrivers were correctly fitted back into their slots. Despite the fact that I actually wanted a selection of them loose in the top section of my toolbox…


One evening was a beautiful sunset…


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