Days at home

Queensberry St Child Care has suddenly been closed three days – there was demolition happening next door, and alarms were raised about possible asbestos dust floating into the centre.   Health authorities have looked into it and just to be extra safe (or so they tell us) they’ve decided to keep kids and staff away until some kind of cleanup has finished. 

So I looked after Lillian for half a day today, and Teresa looked after her in the afternoon.  Tomorrow Teresa will look after her all day (I’m in Sydney) and then she’ll go to Teresa’s parents place on Friday.  We’ll pick her up there on the way to the farm for the long weekend.


Whatever works…

She likes the skin off a roast chicken, so whenever we can get away with it we call a bit of meat “skin” to induce her to eat it.

She loves avocado, so we call broad beans “avocado beans”. 

BTW I saw on “Gardening Australia” that there is a cool-climate avocado, variety “Bacon”.  We might try to plant some at the farm.


Teresa missed some of her gym activities today, so to make up for it she was doing squats with a 20kg three year old sitting on her shoulders.


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