Lillian is in that phase where she is constantly asking “Why…?”  Often the hard part as a parent is not knowing the answer, but knowing what sort of answer would make sense to her. 

Lillian: “Why is the moon up in the sky?” 

Me: “Because that’s where it lives.”  (Was I really going to try to explain the origin of the solar system, gravity, orbits, etc.?)

Lillian: “Why does it live in the sky?”

Me (floundering): “It lives in the sky with the sun.”

Lillian (closing in): “Why does it live with the sun?”

Me (game is up): “Um…. I don’t know.”

Lillian: “Daddy, why don’t you know?”

Check Mate.


Lillian likes to have some honey on a spoon to lick.

“Mummy, I want more honey on the spoon.”

Teresa: “Sorry, you’ve had enough.”

“But I want more!”

“If you have more you’ll get a fat tummy.”

“Yeah, just like you.”



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