Another weekend at the farm

lillian_mushroom.jpgAutumn in the hills of South Gippsland is fungus time.  Lots around, though not many of the edible field variety.  But Lillian prefers picking the big red spotty ones that look like toadstools straight out of a children’s book.  She picked about a dozen this weekend. We didn’t take any photos this time, but here’s one from a previous weekend – similar type of mushroom, though not spotty:


At one point,  Lillian was stepping from foot to foot in that way that says “struggling to hold it in, but too interested in something else right now.”

I said: “Lillian, do you want to go to the toilet?”

She says: “No, I’m just dancing.”

This is interesting because it indicates a growing grasp of what psychologists call “theory of mind” – an ability to understand that other people have minds, or more particularly, beliefs about the world, which may nor may not be right, and which are often based on how the world appears to us.   She realised that she appeared to us to want to go to the toilet; but also realised that her appearance was similar to when she was dancing; so tried to engineer in us the false belief that she was in fact dancing.


We went to the Foster Anglican church today.  There were about ten kids there, and a proper “Sunday School” though it seems to be quite a romp.   Towards the end of the communion, all the kids went up to receive a blessing.  Lillian was taken up by Elizabeth, the minister’s wife.  She dutifully knelt in place.  As Elizabeth told us later:

Minister: “The blessing of the Lord blah blah blah…”

Lillian, loudly: “I’ve got a pretty pink dress on.”

After the service, we were hanging around chatting and having tea and scones and looking over the remains of the previous day’s garage sale (I bought a couple of books).   Lillian disappeared somewhere.  We eventually found her with the other kids in the backyard of the rectory, up to her armpits in a bucket of mud.  Oblivious to the fact that she was wearing her “sunday best” including her red patent leather shoes.   She was coaxed into the car with the help of a biscuit with pink icing on it.  Before long she was asleep – all the fun and games at church had tired her out.


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