Just try it

Lillian loves to explore and experiment.   Anything she picks up, she’ll look at it from all angles, press, poke, toss, shake…  She’ll experiment with sounds and words, singing nonsense songs.  She’ll experiment with sitting on a chair, finding every possible way to sit, lie, stand, climb or balance.  If you tell her “Don’t do that!” she’ll right away start exploring numerous variations to find out what exactly what is prohibited and what is OK, carefully watching for your reaction.

Today she was with Teresa’s parents who had bought seafood from the market for lunch.  She was helping clean the Blue Swimmer crabs.  She found that you can poke the eyes of the crab back in the shell.  Then she found that if you squeeze the crab’s tummy, the eyes pop back out again. 

None of us had ever discovered that…



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